Why visit the cultural capital of Southern Italy Bari?

Why visit the cultural capital of Southern Italy Bari?

Where is Bari Italy?

Bari is the capital of the Apulia (Puglia)region. It is located in the very East of the country. In Bari, everything is fine: a wide variety of attractions, and the medieval charm of the city, and the amazing sea.

Bari Apuglia
Where is Bari Italy

All year round, pilgrims from all over the world come to this Italian town to see the relics of St. Nicholas. Today we will learn how to get to Bari, where to stay, what to see and what to try from the gastronomic delights.




What to see in Bari

Since ancient times, the city has been divided into two parts – the Old City and the New Bari.

What to see in Bari
What to see in Bari

The old part of the city is located between two harbors. The Old City is rich in attractions from the time before the conquest of the Roman Empire. Here you can wander through the narrow tourist streets, where at every step there are any attractions, such as churches, of which there are 29, basilicas and Palazzi.

The existence of the new part of Bari dates back to 1820. This year, the fortress wall was partially demolished, by the decision of the city Council, to increase the area of the city.

What to see in Bari
What to see in Bari

The layout of the new part of Bari was developed according to the most modern architectural developments in Europe. This is a large number of parks, gardens, squares, perfectly smooth streets and strict control of the building materials used.

As the Italians themselves say: “The Old Bari is a historical place, and the new one is a place of art and culture.”

In this part of the city, wandering the streets, you can look into one of the many galleries, libraries, visit the theater, or just enjoy the fountains and squares.

Basilica of St. Nicholas

Basilica St. Nicholas

St. Nicholas Basilica is the most famous landmark of the city, it is here that pilgrims from all over the world come all year round.

There is a legend that St. Nicholas appeared in a dream to a certain priest and told him to bring his relics to Bari. The event, started by the residents of the city, succeeded, and on may 9 they triumphantly returned to the capital of Apulia. In 1087, the construction of the Basilica began.


The architecture of the Basilica is amazing.

Basilika Bari

The upper temple is very bright and spacious, with a gorgeous gold ceiling. There is a statue of the Saint revered for Catholics, which is taken out for festive processions. Usually next to it lies a mountain of notes that believers write to Nicholas with their secret desires, petitions and thanks.






St. Nicholas Basilica

In the lower temple there is another Shrine-an ancient column. According to legend, she was in the temple in the Worlds, and she sailed to Bari, as if following the ship with the relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker. Often the column is applied and receive numerous healings.







Must-see during the tour – the Church of St. Sabine. It was built in 1170, and in 1950 was restored.


No less interesting attraction of the XIII century – Frederick’s castle, which is located on the beach.


The Theater Piccinni

teatro Piccini Bari Italy


Taking a leisurely stroll along Vittorio Emanuele Avenue, you will meet the Piccini theatre.







teatro Piccini Bari

This is the oldest theater in the city. It was founded in honor of the Bari-born composer Nicolo Piccini. The opening took place in the XIX century, but it opens its doors to theater lovers today. Regularly there are performances with the participation of young and ambitious actors, as well as honored artists of Italy.

Port Of Bari

Port Bari

No less interesting place for tourists is the port. To get into it, you should go to the South-East of the country. This port deservedly bears the name: “Gate of Europe”.

It connects the countries of the East and the Balkan Peninsula. The port is equipped with the latest technology and can accept all kinds of vessels, and the shipment of various goods is not a problem.

Planetario – Villa Framarino

If you travel with school children, be sure to visit the local planetarium – Villa Framarino. The planetarium is small, but very exciting. The guide will tell young visitors about the creation of the solar system, about stars and planets, and everyone can independently, through powerful telescopes, see everything they hear. Also, small films about space are broadcast in the planetarium.

Museum of Cinema

For children and adults it will be interesting to visit the Museum of Cinema. It presents the history of the creation and development of cinema from its inception to the present day. The exhibition presents the first equipment that was used in the filming, costumes of actors and so on. A logical continuation of the holiday will be a visit to the local cinema, which broadcasts modern cartoons and movies.

Amusement Park Miragica

Карта парка развлечений Magica в Апулии

Официальный сайт: www.miragica.com
Адрес: Via dei Portuali – Zona ASI, 70056 Molfetta Bari, Италия

Among the main attractions of Miragica can be mentioned theme Park “land of Giants” (Terra dei Giganti), where everyone can feel like a midget, breathtaking attraction Senzafiato (literally the name means “without breathing”), 4D cinema with special effects in the hall, the attraction of falling from a height of 47 meters and many other children’s, classic and family attractions.



Best beaches in Bari

Well, if you are bored with numerous sightseeing tours, then a wonderful vacation on the beautiful beaches is guaranteed. After all, what could be better than a warm, clean sea. If you prefer an active holiday, you can go diving. An interesting pastime will be a boat trip on a yacht or a small boat. This way you will be able to fully enjoy the beautiful view of the night in Bari and take some memorable pictures.

Lido San Francesco

Nice beach equipped and clean. Constant security. Prepared and professional team. The beach in the city within everyone’s reach. Very affordable prices

Porto Ghiacciolo

Small crowded beach also in July and on a weekly day. Beautiful water at times cold but pleasant currents. Possibility to rent the cot but it is also free beach. If you go, bring the umbrella.

Lama Monachile Polignano A Mare

The beach is the best in my life, it is not a pity to spend all day and even a week. You can lie not only at the bottom, but also on the rocks. There are grottoes, people jump from the rocks… The sea can be choppy and the entrance to the water is heavy, but these are trifles



Bari – how to move

The city has its own airport Palese, which is located from the Central part of the city 8 kilometers.

From the airport to the city can be reached by train, they go quite often, twice an hour. The first flight departs at 5:30 a.m. and the last at 11:30 p.m. the trip will Take just over ten minutes.

There is another transfer option – a bus departing from the train station. The very first goes at 6 a.m. and the last at 11 p.m. the fare is four euros and the duration of the trip is twenty-five minutes.

A more comfortable method of travel is a taxi, the duration of the trip is 15 minutes, and the cost is a little more than 20 euros.

To get around the city, you can use a taxi or bus. The most pleasant way to get around the city is on foot, so you can see the maximum number of interesting places in Bari. Those who like to move independently by car can rent a car for a day or longer.

Where to stay in Bari Italy

This Italian city is famous not only for a variety of attractions and beautiful beaches, but also a large selection of hotels for every taste and budget. The choice of hotel complexes is so great that the most demanding tourist will find suitable apartments, and adherents of the economy option of rest will also not be disappointed. It is worth noting that planning a holiday on holidays about booking the hotel should take care in advance. One of the largest holidays of the city – St. Nicholas day. It is celebrated in early may and it is best to think about housing in advance.


Вот несколько из самых популярных отелей Бари.

iH Hotels Bari Oriente

Where to stay in Bari Italy
Where to stay in Bari Italy

Located near The petruzzelli theatre and the Norman castle, the iH Hotels Bari Oriente is set in a completely renovated building from the early 20th century. The hotel has 75 rooms of different classes. All rooms are equipped with a safe, telephone, bar and satellite TV. A buffet Breakfast is included.

To learn more about this hotel, please follow this link.

Il Trespolo Degli Angeli

Another family-run hotel, Il Trespolo Degli Angeli, is located in the heart of Bari’s old town. The hotel is adjacent to the Basilica, which is very convenient if your purpose of travel – excursions. The hotel has everything for a quiet and comfortable stay-free Internet, clean, spacious rooms and quality service. The room rate per night will cost about 80 euros.

To learn more about this hotel, please follow this link.

Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni

Where to stay in Bari Italy
Where to stay in Bari Italy

Lovers of sea holidays will like the hotel Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni. It is located right on the Mediterranean coast. It is worth noting that the local attractions from the hotel are only a few kilometers away. The hotel has its own private beach, swimming pool equipped with sun loungers and sun loungers, as well as a terrace with amazing views of the city. In the morning, guests can enjoy a buffet with a variety of dishes for every taste. The rest of the time you can eat tasty and hearty in the nearest restaurant. All rooms are large made in light blue colors, equipped with everything you need for a good rest. Room rates at this hotel are EUR 120.

To learn more about this hotel, please follow this link.

Hotel La Muraglia

Where to stay in Bari Italy
Where to stay in Bari Italy

La Muraglia is located in the heart of Old Bari, within walking distance of the Basilica and other places of interest. Cozy two-storey building all year round welcomes guests from all corners of the Earth. The rooms are two-room with kitchen and sea view. Guests can sunbathe during the day or relax with a glass of wine on the terrace in the evening. The rooms are equipped with a bar, safe, air conditioning, free Internet access. Sociable and pleasant host will make your stay unforgettable and fulfill any desire. The average room rate is 150 euros.


To learn more about this hotel, please follow this link.

What to taste in Bari

The national cuisine of the city, as well as in the whole of Italy, is characterized by a large number of fresh vegetables, seafood, pasta with all kinds of sauces and traditional pastries. We recommend you to try the most interesting dish in Bari-spicy pasta with turnips, which is called “orecchiette”. This dish can be called a vivid example of traditional home cooking. It is served in various restaurants in Bari Italy, and you can enjoy them at the guests of the locals. Pasta of a certain type – shells-is used for pasta preparation.

Another equally popular dish is Tiella. It consists of potatoes, rice and mussels with a large addition of local herbs and spices.

The original taste and unique flavor of the dishes gives the best olive oil, which is produced in local factories. It is seasoned with various vegetable dishes, including zucchini, cauliflower, eggplant, tomatoes and other vegetables, as well as greens.

The leading place in the traditional cuisine of Bari is occupied by exotic seafood, fish and other seafood. If you are a fan of seafood order an exotic saute “Ciambotto”, which includes selected marine products. Meat lovers can find lamb dishes with onions and potatoes baked in clay pots on the restaurant menu.

It is also worth trying cheese, namely mozzarella. It is prepared according to authentic recipes and experts say that in this region it is especially delicious and has a unique taste.

Desserts consisting of fresh fruits, berries with honey and topping are very popular among tourists.

Each local cafe offers a wide variety of local wines. No meal is complete without wine in Italy. The range of wines is very large-red, white, combined with meat dishes, seafood, desserts. Everyone can find a variety of wine to taste.

Where to shop in Bari

And of course what a vacation without shopping and Souvenirs to friends and family. To successfully purchase various goods, we advise you to go to the main shopping street of the city – Corso Camillo Benso, here you can find both ordinary shops and the most exotic with outlandish goods. The street is famous for a large abundance of boutiques of various famous brands.

If your on a budget, then shopping would rather go to Molfetta a small district around the town. In this place you can buy quality things with a big discount. No less popular destination for shopping – via Sparano, which is prohibited traffic, and the variety of shops of different price categories is simply amazing. Here you can look into the famous boutique Dior, and visit the budget store Zara. The best time for shopping is summer (from the beginning of July), during this period total sales begin. Here you can buy not only clothes, but also cosmetics, perfume, as well as olive oil, wine, as a gift, and as a souvenir.

If you plan to taste local products, you can visit the famous Fish market in all of Italy. The peculiarity of the market is that it sells the most exotic inhabitants of the seabed. Here the best chefs and ordinary people buy products for their exquisite dishes. Many tourists like to visit this place as an excursion, where you can see the most unusual and rare varieties of fish. A good market with a large range of local products – via Montegrappa, here in addition to freshly caught fish, you can buy a variety of fruits and vegetables from local farms.

Recovering in Bari, you will not only have a great rest on the shore of the warm sea, but also will be able to increase the knowledge in the field of history, architecture, art history. Visiting this lovely town will remain a bright spot in the memory of both children and adults.


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