Tropea Calabria – Paradise on the rock

Tropea Calabria – Paradise on the rock

Fabulous beaches with unusually turquoise water, secluded coves surrounded by high mountains, unique sunsets on the sea horizon, an amazing underwater world available to every lover. All this attracts the southern Italian resort town of Tropea Calabria as the Italians and guests from other countries.

Tropea panorama
Where is Tropea Italy

Where is Tropea Italy

Tropea, a small town on the Tyrrhenian sea coast, literally grows out of a 60-meter cliff. Tropea is located in the province of Vibo Valentia of the Calabria region. Tropea beaches are among the top ten beaches in Europe. No matter how much time you decide to spend in these parts, every day you will be able to discover new amazing beaches.

Tropea is part of the 50-kilometer part of the coast, which is called the “Coast of the gods” (Costa degli dei). The city itself you can get around in an hour, but to visit all the local beaches, you may not have enough of the whole vacation. The sand is light and sometimes more like small pebbles. Convenient entrance to the sea with a great depth already at a distance of 2 meters from the shore.

These places are called a Paradise for scuba divers, so do not forget to bring a mask or you can buy it in the shop in the city center. But even without a mask, you can see numerous fish and other inhabitants of local waters, because the water here is unusually clear, the bottom can be seen even at great depths. And we managed to see a large octopus on a rock so close that you could touch it.

In Tropea amazing sunsets! The sun sets directly into the waters of the Tyrrhenian sea. Therefore, you can stay late on the beach and see off the setting sun.

What to do in Tropea

Walk through the center

I advise you to take a walk in the center of Tropea early in the morning, when the city is just waking up, and you can wander through the quiet streets, bathed in the gentle morning sun. This is the best time to visit the observation decks of the city and take photos without crowds of people.

Walk through the ancient courtyards of the city center, go down the stairs from the center to the port, walk along the promenade along the main beach of Tropea under the colorful houses that literally grow out of the rock. And you can return to the city center by climbing the main staircase with wide steps that leads to one of the observation decks.

Visit the observation decks

There are two main points in the city, from where there is a beautiful view. One panoramic square is located next to 180 steps leading to the beaches. From here you can see part of the city and the Church of Santa Maria del Isola on the right side. It is a great place to enjoy the sunsets.

Another observation deck in Tropea is on the other side of the cliff with the Church. It can be approached from Piazza Ercole. It is better to come here in the morning, when the sun beautifully illuminates the main beach and the Church of Santa Maria del Isola.

If you walk through the city center further towards the port, there is another panoramic point with a view of the port.

Climb to the Church of Santa Maria del Isola

Church of Santa Maria del Isola
Church of Santa Maria del Isola

After a few dozen more steps, you will climb the cliff jutting into the sea, and find yourself in the garden of the Church of Santa Maria del Isola, which offers beautiful views of the sea, the beaches on both sides of the Church and the Tropea itself.

Please note that you can only go up to the garden and visit the Church during certain hours: from 9: 30 to 12: 30 and from 15: 30 to 19: 00 (20: 00 on weekends). The entrance to the garden closes 15 minutes before the Church closes.

To visit the Aeolian Islands

Tropea attracts many visitors and the proximity of the liparian, or Aeolian, Islands, where you can make a day trip. These Islands of volcanic origin with active volcano Stromboli are part of Sicily.

The cone of Stromboli volcano is clearly visible from Tropea, and in clear weather you can see the outlines of all seven Aeolian Islands. Do not be alarmed at the sight of smoke rising from the island of Stromboli, these are normal “sneezes ” of the volcano.


See the Shore of the gods

You can drive along the beaches around Tropea, including the beaches belonging to the coast “Coast of the gods”. Or you can take a tour and ride with an experienced guide on a small boat to the most beautiful places and bays, which can be reached only from the sea. During the trip there is an opportunity to swim and dive with a mask.

The tour lasts about 3.5 hours and costs 25 euros. Tickets are purchased at the port.

You can also rent a boat or speedboat yourself and explore the local beauty.

The cost of a small motor boat, accommodating 4 people, about 60 euros for the whole day (without gasoline).


The Beaches Of Tropea

tropea beach
Tropea beach

In the area of Tropea a large number of fabulously beautiful beaches, both paid and free. Calabria has a large selection of wild free beaches, often located in picturesque coves under high cliffs, but also many organized and paid beaches with showers, bar and all amenities. I advise you to go to different beaches every time. After all, one is more beautiful than the other. All the Tropea beach and the surrounding area are not listed, but here are the ones that you just can not visit!

The city beach of Tropea Le Roccette

The main city beach of Tropea is to the right of the cliff with the Church of Santa Maria del Isola. The beach is free, sun loungers and umbrellas need to bring. The sea is clear and almost always calm. The beach is just under the cliff with houses, which can be seen on all photos and postcards, as a symbol of Tropea. The best time to visit this beach is early morning. Otherwise, you can find yourself on a crowded beach.

Beach of little grottoes or Spiaggia Grotticelle

This long coastline is a 15-minute drive from Tropea towards Capo Vaticano. By car you can drive to the beach on the paid Parking and go down to the sea on the steps. You can choose the part of the beach that you prefer. There are both organized paid beaches and free.

If you are looking for a more secluded quiet place, then go down the steps, turn right and walk a long beach to the end, then a small next, and there, behind the rock you will find a cozy little beach. From the previous beach it is almost not visible, you need to bypass the protruding rock on the water (there is shallow), and it’s worth it! And kind of more beautiful, and people significantly less.

Riaci beach or Spiaggia di Riaci

The private beach Area is 3.5 km from Tropea. The beach Area is clearly visible the active volcano of Stromboli. Clean beaches with emerald water stretch on either side of the rock Riachi.

As a landmark, use the hotel Borgo di Riaci, from here you will need to descend the steps again.


Where to stay in Tropea

Hotel Orizzonte blu

tropea italy hotels
Tropea Italy hotels

The property boasts views of the city from its rooms. A budget good quality 3* hotel is located high above the coast, so here you can enjoy amazing panoramic sunsets.

It features an outdoor infinity pool with a bar overlooking the entire Tropea and the coast. There is also a restaurant. The hotel offers a free bus to the private beach (2 km away).

above the pool there is a Massage room where you can continue to relax after a massage, admiring the view.

New Paradise

hotels in tropea italy
hotels in Tropea Italy

Just a 5-minute walk from the beaches and 2 km from Tropea train station, the Aparthotel offers both rooms and apartments. This is a good option for both couples and families with children, as there is a children’s Playground on site.

The centre of Tropea is about 1.5 km away.the hotel offers a very beautiful view of the centre of Tropea and the port.



Residenza RoMa

Tropea Italy hotels
Tropea Italy hotels

The guest house attracts with its excellent location in the heart of Tropea, as well as a comfortable modern design. Rooms have private terraces with sun loungers and tables.

This is a particularly convenient option if you are traveling without a car or just want to enjoy the proximity of the city center. Shops, beaches, the historic center of Tropea — all at arm’s length.




What to eat in Tropea

tropea ristorante italiano
Tropea ristorante italiano

What a journey without a new gastronomic experience!

As you know, the Calabria region is known for its love of hot red pepper. This is a Paradise for lovers of spicy dishes.

In Tropea you should definitely try nduja. Nduya is a Calabrian salami, which is mainly produced in the vicinity of Spilinga (province of Vibo Valentia). It is not made of pig meat and the hot pepper hot peppers. Ndua has a sharp taste and soft texture, it is usually spread on bread. This delicacy is sold both in the form of salami and in the form of sauce in jars. A piece of burning Calabria will be a great gift for your friends.

Tropea is famous for its red onions. It is especially sweet and juicy here. It is used for cooking and also cut fresh into a salad.

chocolate truffles from Pizzo
chocolate truffles from Pizzo

Do not pass by the local delicacy — chocolate truffles from Pizzo. It’s a truffle ice cream with liquid chocolate inside. One serving of truffles in Tropea will cost you 5-6 euros. In the town of Pizzo, where they produce and store the secrets of cooking this delicacy, you will try freshly prepared dessert for only 1.5 euros!

The address of the ice cream shop at the factory, where the locals come:

Gelateria Artigianale G. Marrella

VI traversa Via Nazionale, 10, 89812 Pizzo VV

Here you will find about 30 different flavors, but I strongly recommend you try the classic truffle, it is unbeatable!

How to get to Tropea

The best way to travel in the southern regions of Italy — on a rented car. You can easily reach different cities and beaches. Enjoy the beauty of nature at your pleasure.

The free Salerno — Reggio Calabria motorway leads to Tropea.

If you travel without a car, you can use the trains. There are no buses in Tropea.

The nearest airport to Tropea is in Lamezia Terme, where you can reach Tropea by train in about an hour, or in Reggio Calabria.

Tropea can also be reached by train from Naples, but with a transfer to Lamezia Terme.



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